TSIC Alumni Coy Carter, Jr.

When asked to comment on his TSIC experience, Coy writes, “For me, Take Stock in Children is everything. This organization really illustrated to me the importance of community involvement.  I have learned throughout my lifetime that no matter how smart you are or how hard you work, you cannot develop in life if your surroundings give you no opportunity.  Take Stock in Children was the first place to give me my opportunity.  I am in college today because of this organization.  Take Stock has been there for me with open arms since my middle school years.  They have supported me throughout my education.  My TSIC mentor has become my lifetime friend.  He is someone who I know that I can always depend on.  I am proud and humbled to have the honor to be the first in my family with a college education thanks to Take Stock in Children.” We are so proud to shine a well-deserved spotlight on TSIC Sarasota Alumni Coy Carter!