What is a mentor?

You can be a mentor. A mentor is a caring, compassionate adult who chooses to devote their time to a young person, offering them support, guidance, and encouragement. If you can donate ONE hour per week, you can change a life by helping a child build a solid foundation of values, establish goals, improve their academic and life skills, while developing their self-esteem and confidence.

Why should you mentor?

Our success rate at Take Stock in Children is a result of a comprehensive approach provided by our program. One of the key and proven success factors is the role of the mentor. They understand that the commitment of becoming a mentor can change a child’s life while helping them grow personally. Can you remember adults who paid attention to you; who believed in you; and who guided you during your childhood? These individuals served as mentors. Wouldn’t you like to have someone think of you as their life-changing, trusted mentor?

Where do you mentor?

Mentoring sessions range from 45-60 minutes and occur at a school or after-care program near your home or workplace. The days and times of mentoring sessions are arranged between the mentor and mentee depending on their individual schedules and classes. As a result, mentoring is convenient for both students and mentors.

How do I become a mentor?

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