Student Update: Anastasia, TSIC Class of 2016

“This past year at Boston University was by far the most exciting and successful year of my college career. I have made numerous academic, professional, and personal accomplishments which I’m excited/looking forward to sharing with you.

My junior year started off studying abroad in the fantastic city of Madrid in Spain. I had the opportunity to travel to Spain and absorb its vibrant culture and traditions while studying at one of the best Universities in Spain. Before studying abroad, I haven’t been to many places in Europe, besides my homeland Belarus. I sought this opportunity as a chance to explore a little bit of the world before I dive into medical school and professional life. I have learned to speak Spanish with natives and made a long-lasting bond with both my fantastic host family and the people I have met in Spain. The decision to study abroad was quite spontaneous, but I have never experienced something as beautiful and lively as life in Spain.
It was hard to say goodbye to Spain once the semester was over, but at the same time, I was looking forward to going back to the activities and the bustling academic life at BU. I resumed my research with Dr. Maria Medalla, whose lab is specialized in deciphering anatomy of the brain cortical circuits and I had an opportunity to present my research poster at the New England Science Symposium at Harvard Medical School. The research I’ve presented demonstrated our new investigation of the inhibitory circuits in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex, which is a prominent control center in our brains. It was very inspiring to share my research with others in the field, as well as my peers. Following the symposium, I have decided to pursue a Senior Theis in Neuroscience next year, which I will be completing under Dr. Medalla’s guidance as well.

Meanwhile, I have been working hard in my classes, especially Biochemistry, which is notorious for its difficulty. I was pleased to receive an A in that class and that all of my hard work has been paid off.

This summer, I am focusing on gaining more clinical experience for my plans of applying to medical school. I’m currently working as a medical scribe at the Emergency and Neurosurgery department at a hospital in Boston, and I will be continuing working there during the next school year and most likely during my gap year before medical school. My main goal remains becoming a neurologist. The past couple of years have been challenging on many levels, but it is nothing compared to what lies ahead. I look back sometimes on the whole journey which has started at TSIC and realize that back then I could have never thought that I would accomplish these things, and it gives me the strength to believe that I can succeed in the next steps in my medical career.
Cumulative GPA: 3.9″