A Strong Foundation

Name: Chelsea Williams
Neighborhood: Newtown
High School: Booker High School
College: Smith College
Major: Sociology, Applied Statistics Minor
Post-Grad Plans: Graduate work Statistics or Public Policy

I can recall writing my essay for the TSIC scholarship when I was in the third grade. I had many dreams at that age. Though my path has changed, and will continue to do so, I have the staff at TSIC, in partnership with Big Brother Big Sisters, for providing me a foundation for my future possibilities.

When was awarded the TSIC scholarship, I knew for certain that I was going to college. The support provided from then to now has been a constant reminder of how much I am loved by my community. My mentor, Susan High, has been one of the best educators and friends I’ve ever known. Through college, I have been able to teach in New York City, study abroad in England, and complete academic work without financial difficultly.

I’d like to thank TSIC for reminding me to fill out my Florida Prepaid surveys and never leaving my side. From holiday parties to wishing me well as graduation approaches, they have been an extended part of my family. We have had a bond for 12 years and I am looking forward to what lies ahead.

I plan to work for two years before attending Grad School for Public Policy or Statistics. I have received emails from Duke, Carnegie Mellon, and John Hopkins for graduate school admission, so I am optimistic about my future impact in my neighborhood and the world-at-large. I am proud to be a Smithie, Sarasota native, and future TSIC alumna.

– Chelsea Williams

Thank you Chelsea for continuing to strive for greatness. We’re so proud of you! – TSIC Staff